Working process

We have a corporate workflow to ensure the best quality in our services and processes. Team IMPRESS is very much sincere follow the workflow and code of conducts. We maintain and practice the highest level of ethical standard in our everyday works. We believe that profit is a nondetachable consequence of the process where business maintains standard, commitments and quality.

Worker Safety Bangladesh

Worker Safety

We focus on worker safety. This is the first important thing before we start any work. We confirm all safety measures at working site and at our office.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become as the most respected, acceptable and admired system integrator and solution provider in our work domain.

After Sales Support

We ensure 24×7 technical support for our sold products. Though we offer warranty against most of our products, we extend our hands to ensure technical services after warranty under AMC.

Engineer Bangladesh

Experienced Engineering Team

We have an experienced team for engineering services. Most of the engineers and technicians are vendor certified and trained from abroad in specific working segment.


We never compromise with quality. Most of our products have accreditation and certifications from UL, CE, ISO, LPCB, VDS, IEC and NFPA. We maintain a high standard for our products and projects.

Engineer Bangladesh

Man Power

Our teams are dedicated, highly trained and equipped with state of the art tools and instruments.

Our Vision

Setting standards and business modality for the market.

Timely Hand over

We ensure a synchronization among our sales, technical, logistics and commercial teams. It enables us to reduce cost and helps to give faster project handover.