ABB UPS in Bangladesh

Based in Zurich, Switzerland,  ABB is a a large group of companies which are engaged in manufacturing electrical protection systems. ABB has 145000 employees across the world and it’s factories are located in 54 countries.

UTC-Fire-&-Security-BangladeshThe United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is giant group of manufacturers based in USA. It has a diversified area of productions. UTC Fire & Security is a part of them which is engaged in Fire Safety & security field.

Honeywell-Fire-Alarm-Distributor-BangladeshBased in USA,  Honeywell is a group of companies engaged in manufacturing safety and security products. Honeywell has sales  and service network across the world and it’s factories are located in 5 continents.

Bergvik Raised Floor Distributor Bangladesh

Swedish company with Raised Access Floor and accessories manufacturing facilities in Australia, Sweden, South Africa and USA. It makes Seismic Bracing Frame and HiFlex Floors.

Linder-Raised-Floor-Distributor BangladeshLinder GmbH is a 50 year old company in Germany. It manufactures Raised Access floors, Doors, Partitions.

Ortea Voltage Stabilizer DistributorORTEA is a trusted name for Automatic Voltage Regulator, Power Fcator Correction (PFC) Devices in all over the globe. It has a factory in Italy. It manufactures fully DSP and Microprocessor based Voltage Stabilizers.

Sako Voltage Stabilizer

China Sanke Electrical Co. Ltd. (SAKO) is a manufacturer of Automatic Voltage Regulator, Solar Item, Frequency Converters, Online and Offline UPS, Circuit Breakers and low voltage protection devices in China.

Hochiki Fire Alarm distributor BangladeshThe Japanese manufacturer has production facilities in USA, UK and China for Conventional and Analog Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. It has regional sales and service locations in many countries over the world.

Tate Raised Floor Distributor BangladeshTate Access Floors is a division of Kingspan Group, USA. It has manufacturing facilities in USA and China for Raised Floor. Tate is the largest manufacturer in the world for Raised Floors.

Emerson Distributor Bangladesh

Emerson Network Power, a member of Emerson Electric is now Vertiv. This US based company has production facilities for Precision AC, UPS, Rectifiers, EMS and DCiM in all continents. Emerson has sales offices in 74 countries.

Mersen Ferraz Shawmut Fuse Distributor Bangladesh

Ferraz Shawmut, a member of MERSEN Group, is one of the top manufacturers of Fuse, Electrical Protection & Control, Solutions for Power Management, Anti-Corrosion equipment. It has 50 Industrial sites and 4600 employees.

Tyco-Fire-Protection-Distributor-BangladeshTyco, a part of Johnson Control, USA is a specialized manufacturer for Fire Detection & Alarm System, Sprinkler, Gas based suppression system (FM-200, Novec-1230, CO2, Argon Gas), Kitchen Fire Protection and watermist solutions.

Mobiak-SA-Distributor-BangladeshMobiak is a manufacturer of Fire Protection system in Greece. They have wide production facilities for UL Listed Fire Pump, FM 200, Novec Fire Suppression Solutions. Most of their products are UL Listed, FM, LPCB and VDS Approved.

Inform UPS by Legrand Distributor BangladeshInform Elektronik is a group member of a giant manufacturer Legrand, France.  Inform has a wide range of production capacities for Online and Offline UPS, Voltage Regulator, Frequency Converters, etc in Istanbul, Turkey.


Fiamm is a group member of Hitachi. It has factories in Italy and China for manufacturing VRLA Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries. FIAMM has 45000 employees across the world and it’s sales offices are located in 34 countries.

Eaton Cooper FireCooper Safety Fire Systems is now a division of Eaton. Cooper manufactures Conventional, Analog addressable and Wireless type Fire Alarm System in Europe, Mexico and China. 

RC Group Precision AIr Condition Distributor BangladeshBased in Italy,  RC Group is a a large group of companies which are engaged in manufacturing Precision Air Conditioning systems. RC Group has 5000 employees across the world and it’s factories are located in 54 countries.