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Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Alarm Control Panel

Eaton Cooper Fire

Model: FX2200 Series, CF30000 Series, MF9300 Series, ULCF30000 Series, DF60000 Series, FX60000 Series
Origin: UK
UL Listed, LPCB, VDS Approved
Phone: 01720-566000, 01976-566000
Email: info@impress.com.bd


Fire Alarm Control Panel is an electronic device that integrates fire detection and alarm system. It generates alarms when fire happens in the specific area. There are three types of panels: Conventional, Addressable and Wireless. Connection typologies varies brand to brand.

  • Brand: Eaton Cooper
  • Eaton Models:FX2202BW, FX2204BWHMO, FX2208BWHMO, FXRP2200BW, CF30001G, CF30002G, CF30004G, MF9302, MF9304, MF9308, MF93016, ULCF30002G, ULCF30004G, DF60001, DF60002, DF60004, FX60001, FX60002, FX60004.
  • Certified for seismic applications when used with the appropriate seismic mounting kit.
  • Analogue Addressable Panel supports 200 Devices/Loop.
  • Wireless fire protection using SWIFT Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology.

Fire Alarm Control Panel price in Bangladesh: Call us for price.


  • Quick and simple to install.
  • Large 640-character LCD backlit display or displayless.
  • Networkable with all Cooper Panels.
  • Built-in degraded mode option.
  • Optional integrated Digital Voice Command (DVC).

Other Brands available: Honeywell, Tyco, Olympia, Hochiki, Nittan.

Additional information


Fire Alarm Control Panel



Network options

High-speed network for up to 200 nodes

Communication options

Standard UDACT
– Internet
– Internet/GSM

Timer options

Silence Inhibit and Auto Silence timer options.


EIA-232 printer port.


Backlit, 640-character display

11 LED indicators

Power; Fire Alarm; Pre-Alarm; Security; Supervisory; System Trouble; Other Event; Signals Silenced; Point Disabled; CPU Failure; Controls Active.


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