Raised Floor Dealer in Bangladesh

Raised Floor: Raised floor is a false floor which is set above the actual floor. Between actual and this false floor, there is a void for accessing cable and air circulation. Raised Floor Dealer in Bangladesh: Impress Corporation Limited. 

Applications: This type of floors are often used in server rooms, data center, textile laboratory, ticket counters, metro and rail stations, corporate offices and show rooms.

Benefits: A raised floor provides space for the massive amounts of cable required in a Data Center, and can simplify the process of adding and moving equipment. Another benefit of it is cooling: cool air can be pushed under access floors and directed at servers and other heat-sensitive equipment.

Raised Floor Types: There are different types of Raised Access Floors based on tiles and structure. Foam Cemented tiles are most economic and popular to most of the users. Common types of tiles are- Foam Cemented, Calcium Sulphate, Wood-core, Steel floor, Aluminium floor, Chipboard etc. Chipboard type tiles are very slim and compact, also less in weight comparing other types. But this type of products are the best among all available floor tiles available in the market. Chipboard type products are the strongest among all, it’s floor loading capacity is also very high.

Raised Access Floor panels are epoxy coated utilized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet filled with a highly controlled mixture of a lightweight cement infill. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, these non-combustible, rigid panels deliver the ultimate in strength, durability, and acoustic performance.

Famous Brands: Bergvik (Sweden), Linder Group (Germany) and Tate Inc. (USA) are the market leader for high quality access floor materials over the -globe. Apart from these- a few Chinese companies have good quality products, those are:  ATFlor, ZTFloor, Huatong Floor, XL Holdings etc.

Raised Floor Dealer in Bangladesh: Impress Corporation Limited is an importer, wholesaler, supplier and installer of Raised Access floor systems in Bangladesh and South Asia. We have supplied and completed raised floor projects to many countries including Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Singapore, Nigeria, Uganda, Congo and Oman.

Voltage Stabilizer price list Bangladesh



Online UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

True Online Double Conversion

1 Phase UPS Models (ABB): 

  • PowerValue 11T (1, 3, 6, 10 KVA)- Tower Type
  • PowerValue 11 RT (1, 3, 6, 10 KVA)- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • PowerValue 31 (10, 20 KVA), 3 Phase Input-1 Phase Output

3 Phase UPS Models (ABB):

  • PowerScale 10-50 kVA
  • PowerWave 33 60-500 kVA

Modular UPS (ABB):

  • DPA UPScale ST, 10-200 kVA
  • DPA UPScale RI, 10-80 kVA
  • Conceptpower DPA , 10-250 kVA
  • DPA 500 , 100-500 kVA

Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Distributor of ABB, Legrand (Inform), GE, DELTA, Riello, KStar, Kehua, Elen UPS.


Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Distributor of  Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) by Xralis, Australia. VESDA has several models for different applications. VESDA VLF-250, VESDA VLF-500, VESDA VLI, VLC, VLP etc.

Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Distributor of  Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)