Voltage Stabilizer Price in Bangladesh

Voltage Stabilizer Price in Bangladesh: We are an importer and authorized dealer of Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) in Bangladesh. We have 1-1200 kVA Stabilizer in ready stock. Below is the regular price list. For quotation and discount, kindly email us: info@impress.com.bd, or call: 01720-566000, 01976566000

আমরা কেবলমাত্র জেনুইন প্রডাক্ট বিক্রি করি। এক ব্রান্ডের প্রডাক্ট অন্য ব্রান্ডের নামে বিক্রি করি না। আমাদের প্রডাক্ট আপনি দেশের যে কোন ল্য়াব থেকে পরীক্ষা করাতে পারেন, ১০০% ক্যাপাসিটি পাবেন, গ্যারান্টিড। কারন আমরা আন্ডার ক্যাপাসিটি প্রডাক্টও বিক্রি করি না।

Voltage Stabilizer Price list:

SBW-200KVA  ৳           365,000.00
SBW-150KVA  ৳           250,000.00
SBW-125KVA  ৳           250,000.00
SBW-100KVA  ৳           195,000.00
TNS-100KVA  ৳           130,000.00
TNS-75KVA  ৳           120,000.00
TNS-60KVA  ৳           105,000.00
TNS-40VA  ৳             85,500.00
TNS-30KVA  ৳             65,000.00
TNS-20KVA  ৳             45,000.00
TNS-15KVA  ৳             40,000.00
TNS-9Kva  ৳             25,000.00
TND-10KVA  ৳             22,000.00
AVS-5KVA  ৳             11,500.00
SVR-3KVA  ৳               6,500.00
SVR-2KVA  ৳               5,200.00
SVR-1KVA  ৳               3,200.00
SVR-650VA  ৳               2,750.00

Brand: SAKO / Mingch, Origin: China

Warranty: 1 Year. VAT: Not included. Delivery: Ex-works our warehouse (Mirpur, Dhaka).


Voltage Stabilizer price list Bangladesh



UPS Battery Price in Bangladesh

Buy genuine batteries from us. UPS Battery Price in Bangladesh: There are a few types of batteries for industrial applications. Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) is one of them and nowadays this is the most popular type among all. No maintenance required in entire it’s life span. Just install a new one and remove when expires.  Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Battery Price in Bangladesh is given below. This price is effective from 01 January 2020. Brand and models depend on stock availability. Best Battery for UPS. UPS Battery Price in Bangladesh. UPS Battery supplier in Bangladesh.

আমরা আন্ডার ক্যাপাসিটি ব্যাটারি বিক্রি করি না। এক ব্রান্ডের ব্যাটারি অন্য ব্রান্ডের নামে বিক্রি করি না। পুরাতন ব্যাটারিও বিক্রি করি না। আমাদের ব্যাটারি আপনি দেশের যে কোন ল্যাবে নিয়ে পরীক্ষা করাতে পারেন, ১০০%  ক্যাপাসিটি পাবেন। 

যদিও আমরা ১ বছরের Warranty দেই, তবুও আমাদের ব্যাটারি আপনি ৮-১০ বছর চালাতে পারবেন। 

Applications: Online UPS, Offline UPS, VFD, Rectifier, Fire Alarm System. যে কোন ব্রান্ডের UPS এ ব্যবহার করতে পারবেন। 

S/N Capacity Dimension (mm) Unit Price (BDT)
1 4V 4 AH 50*50*112 400.00
2 6V 4.5 AH 272*50*107 520.00
3 12V 7 AH 152*67*105 1,150.00
4 12V 9 AH 152*67*105 1,350.00
5 12V 12 AH 152*100*105 2,425.00
6 12V 18 AH 185*76*175 4,450.00
7 12V 26 AH 180*168*130 5,650.00
8 12V 40 AH 200*168*180 8,500.00
9 12V 70 AH 360*175*200 13,650.00
10 12V 100 AH 410*180*240 19,700.00
11 12V 120 AH 410*180*240 24,500.00


Available Brands: Fiamm, Panasonic, Rocket, Leoch, Long, Kstar, Vision, Dongjin. Price varies on brands and models. VAT: The above prices are not included VAT. It will be added extra as per government rules.



Smoke Detector supplier in Bangladesh

Smoke Detector is an electronic device that detects smoke and sends signal to Fire Alarm Control Panel. In terms of design, smoke detectors are 3 types. Ionization, Photoelectric and Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector. Commercially there are also types- Conventional and Addressable. Impress Corporation Limited is one the top Smoke Detector supplier in Bangladesh.



Conventional type Detector:

All the detectors are connected parallel to each other and do not have any device numbering or programming. It  detects smoke but the fire alarm system can not tell us exactly which detector has detected the fire.

Addressable Fire Alarm Connection Diagram


Addressable type Detector:

Latest technology in smoke detection. All devices are connected on a loop. The loop starts from the fire alarm control panel, connects all the devices and goes back to the panel to close the circuit. All the devices have own device number. The system can tell the customer exactly which detector has detected the fire. So it’s easier to locate the fire location and easy to maintenance.

Wireless type Detector:

Wireless types detectors can be networked with a limited number of devices and panels.

Stand alone smoke detector:

Stand alone detector is built in with a Li-ion battery and hence it does not require any electric line. It is neither networked with any other detectors nor connected to any fire alarm control panel. It has a built in sounder that alerts if smoke is detected.

We import and supply best quality Smoke Detector in Bangladesh. Most of our products are UL Listed, NFPA, Bangladesh Accord, Alliance, FM, VdS, EN54, LPCB Approved. We also import Marine type Fire alarm system.

Smoke Detector brands in the world:

Honeywell (Notifier, Firelite, Xtralis, Night), Tyco (Johnson Controls), UTC Fire & Security (Kidde, Fenwall, GST, Edwards EST, Advanced), Eaton (Cooper, JSB), Olympia Electronics, Mobiak SA, Bosch, GE (Ziton), Siemens, Potter, Context-Plus, Apollo, Mircom, Fike (Cheetah), Nohmi Bosai, System Sensor, Nittan etc.

Check our Fire Alarm Products here.

Smoke Detector supplier in Bangladesh:

Voltage Stabilizer price list Bangladesh



Sako Stabilizer in Bangladesh

Automatic Voltage Regulator / Sako Stabilizer:

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is an electrical protection equipment which provides a stabilized output voltage to the loads. It protects the electrical loads from utility (mains) voltage fluctuations. Other names of AVR are: Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVS) and Industrial Voltage Stabilizer (IVS). Impress Corporation Limited imports and supplies class best voltage stabilizers from internationally reputed manufacturers including Sako Stabilizer in Bangladesh.

China Sanke Electrical CO.,LTD. ( Sanke Enterprise) is a globally reputed manufacturer of voltage stabilizers. It is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world in this sector. They have a wide range of products with latest technology. Sako is a trademark  that belongs to China Sanke Electrical CO.,LTD. ( Sanke Enterprise).

Make Types: Servo Motor controlled and Relay controlled AVR.

Cooling: Air Cooled and Oil Cooling type Voltage Stabilizers are available.

Applications: Corporate offices, industrial loads, elevator (lift), CNC Machine, factories, hospitals, commercial buildings, data centers, BTS, Railways, Airports and so on.

Sako Mingch Automatic Voltage Regulator
Different models of Voltage Stabilizers.

আমরা কেবলমাত্র জেনুইন প্রডাক্ট বিক্রি করি। এক ব্রান্ডের প্রডাক্ট অন্য ব্রান্ডের নামে বিক্রি করি না। আমাদের প্রডাক্ট আপনি দেশের যে কোন ল্য়াব থেকে পরীক্ষা করাতে পারেন, ১০০% ক্যাপাসিটি পাবেন, গ্যারান্টিড। কারন আমরা আন্ডার ক্যাপাসিটি প্রডাক্টও বিক্রি করি না।

1 Phase In- 1 Phase Out Models


3 Phase In- 3 Phase Out Models


TNS and SBW models are specially designed for industrial loads.

For AVR Price list- please call us: +88-02-48040845, 01976-566000, 01720-566000

Sako Stabilizer in Bangladesh:

Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Sole Distributor of Sako Stabilizer in Bangladesh.

Voltage Stabilizer price list Bangladesh



Multi Gas Monitor Dealer in Bangladesh

Gas Detector is an electronic device that detects presence of gases in a specific area. Other names: Gas Monitor/Sensor. It is a part of safety system. Based on mobility, there are two types detectors- Portable and Fixed type Detectors. Based on mode of operation- it can be classified in two groups- Mono Gas Detector and Multi Gas Detector.

Rikekn Keiki’s  Multi Gas Detectors are modular type. Multi Gas Monitor Price depends on number of modules you buy. Users can buy a monitor and install as many modules as they want. Riken Keiki has hundreds of models and options with their detectors.

Multi Gas Monitor in Bangladesh

Impress Corporation Limited is an importer, wholesaler and authorized distributor of Riken Keiki Co. Ltd., Japan/ RKI, USA branded Multi Gas Monitor in Bangladesh. All the Gas Detectors are made in JAPAN.

Types of gases :

  • CO ( Carbon Monoxide)
  • CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide)
  • Methane (CH4)
  • Isobutane (i-C4H10)
  • Methanol (CH3OH)
  • Acetylene (C2H2)
  • Ethylene (C2H4)
  • Ethane (C2H6)
  • Ethanol (C2H5OH)
  • Hydrogen Sulphied (H2S)
  • Nitrogen Oxyde (NO2)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)
  • And many more

Portable Gas Detector/Monitor Models

04 Series, GW-3, GX-3R, GX-3R Pro, NP-1000, FI-8000-SF6, NC-1000, SP-220 series, FI-8000, FP-31, GX-6000, RX-8000, GP-1000, OX-03, HS-03, CO-03, GP-03, GX-2012, SC-8000, GX-8000 LEL, GX-8000, GX-8000 o2, GX-2009, SC-01, RX-516, RX-517, OX-07, RX-515, CX-Ⅱ, FI-21 MJ, FI-21 SF6, RI-85

Fixed Gas Detector/ Detector Models:

Smart Transmitter/Gas Detector SD-1GP / SD-1GH, Calorimeter OHC-800, Gas Detector Head GD-K88, GD-A80, D-58, Safety Monitor for Inside Furnace SD-2600, SD-2500, Smart Transmitter/Gas Detector SD-1RI (Type-HS), SD-10X, SD-1EC, Single Channel Gas Monitor RM-600, Multi Channel Gas Detector RM-590, RM-5000, Compact Infrared Gas Detector RI-557, Infrared Single Gas Monitor RI-257, Infrared CO2 RI-215D, Indoor Oxygen Detector OX-600, Gas Detector Head for Inside Furnace GD-A2400, Intelligent Gas Detector GD-70D, Highly Sensitive Toxic Gas Monitor FP-300, Compact Solvent Gas Detector FI-815A , Gas Analyzer FI-800 , Indoor Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector EC-600 , Infrared CO2 Gas Detector RI-215A

As this is modular type and price varies on number of modules, please call us for Multi Gas Monitor Price .




Legrand UPS in Bangladesh

Legrand UPSUninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical equipment that provides power backup during utility (mains) fails/ load shedding. It supplies backup power and protects the loads also from over voltage and surges.

Legrand UPS in Bangladesh.

Types: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) by Legrand are different types. We supply Inform (Legrand) branded Line Interactive, Offline and Double Conversion (Online) UPS. Some of Legrand UPS models are suitable for regenerative loads. This UPS are suitable for industrial loads, elevator (lift), CNC machine etc.

Applications: Corporate offices, factories, hospitals, commercial buildings, data centers, BTS, Railways, Airports and so on.

Legrand UPS in Bangladesh: Impress Corporation Limited is the authorized distributor for Legrand UPS.

1 Phase In- 1 Phase Out Models

  • Sinus LCD 1-3 KVA- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • Sinus 1-3 KVA
  • DSP Multipower Convertible (5-20 KVA)- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • DSP Flexipower 3-10 kVA
  • Sinus EVO 1-3 kVA
  • DSP EVO 6-10 kVA

3 Phase In- 1 Phase Out

  • DSP Multipower Convertible (10-20 kVA)- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • DSP Multipower Tower (15-20 kVA)
  • Saver Plus DSP 15-10 kVA
  • DSP Flexipower 10 kVA
  • Pyramid DSP Series 10-40 kVA

3 Phase In-3 Phase Out

  • Pyramid DSP 10-400 kVA
  • Pyramid DSP-T 10-300 kVA
  • Pyramid DSP Premium 10-400 kVA
  • Forte Series 10-400 kVA
  • Stark Series 10-40 kVA

Modular UPS:

  • Modulera Series, 60-100-200 kVA (Decentralized Parallel Architecture)

Legrand UPS in Bangladesh: Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Distributor of Inform UPS (a Group brand of Legrand) . ABB, Legrand, Inform, GE, DELTA, Riello. KStar, Kehua, Emerson, Makelsan, Vertiv, Elen UPS and Voltage Stabilizer.

Voltage Stabilizer price list Bangladesh



Fire Protection Solutions in Bangladesh

Impress Corporation Limited is a leading company who are providing end-to-end fire safety solutions in Bangladesh. Services includes: Design and consultancy, Auditing and Certification, Supply of materials, Installation and Commissioning. Impress provides Standard warranty for all the products.

UL Listed, FM, LPCB, NFPA Approved

We are an importer and authorized distributor of Eaton Cooper Safety Fire Systems, Tyco Fire Protection Products, Honeywell Fire & Security, Mobiak S.A, Gielli S.A, UTC Fire & Security, Hochiki, Xtralis and Nittan.

We supply:

  • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems.
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Pump
  • Gas based suppression system (FM200, Novec1230, NAF-S125, CO2, Inert Gas)
  • Foam Suppression System
  • Watermist
  • Public Address and Voice Alarm (PA/VA)
  • Aspiration type Smoke Detector (VESDA)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Hose real and cabinet
  • Hose Pipe

Raised Floor Dealer in Bangladesh

Raised Floor: Raised floor is a false floor which is set above the actual floor. Between actual and this false floor, there is a void for accessing cable and air circulation. Raised Floor Dealer in Bangladesh: Impress Corporation Limited. 

Applications: This type of floors are often used in server rooms, data center, textile laboratory, ticket counters, metro and rail stations, corporate offices and show rooms.

Benefits: A raised floor provides space for the massive amounts of cable required in a Data Center, and can simplify the process of adding and moving equipment. Another benefit of it is cooling: cool air can be pushed under access floors and directed at servers and other heat-sensitive equipment.

Raised Floor Types: There are different types of Raised Access Floors based on tiles and structure. Foam Cemented tiles are most economic and popular to most of the users. Common types of tiles are- Foam Cemented, Calcium Sulphate, Wood-core, Steel floor, Aluminium floor, Chipboard etc. Chipboard type tiles are very slim and compact, also less in weight comparing other types. But this type of products are the best among all available floor tiles available in the market. Chipboard type products are the strongest among all, it’s floor loading capacity is also very high.

Raised Access Floor panels are epoxy coated utilized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet filled with a highly controlled mixture of a lightweight cement infill. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, these non-combustible, rigid panels deliver the ultimate in strength, durability, and acoustic performance.

Famous Brands: Bergvik (Sweden), Linder Group (Germany) and Tate Inc. (USA) are the market leader for high quality access floor materials over the -globe. Apart from these- a few Chinese companies have good quality products, those are:  ATFlor, ZTFloor, Huatong Floor, XL Holdings etc.

Raised Floor Dealer in Bangladesh: Impress Corporation Limited is an importer, wholesaler, supplier and installer of Raised Access floor systems in Bangladesh and South Asia. We have supplied and completed raised floor projects to many countries including Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Singapore, Nigeria, Uganda, Congo and Oman.

Voltage Stabilizer price list Bangladesh



Online UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

True Online Double Conversion

1 Phase UPS Models (ABB): 

  • PowerValue 11T (1, 3, 6, 10 KVA)- Tower Type
  • PowerValue 11 RT (1, 3, 6, 10 KVA)- Rack-Tower Convertible Type
  • PowerValue 31 (10, 20 KVA), 3 Phase Input-1 Phase Output

3 Phase UPS Models (ABB):

  • PowerScale 10-50 kVA
  • PowerWave 33 60-500 kVA

Modular UPS (ABB):

  • DPA UPScale ST, 10-200 kVA
  • DPA UPScale RI, 10-80 kVA
  • Conceptpower DPA , 10-250 kVA
  • DPA 500 , 100-500 kVA

Impress Corporation Limited is the Authorized Distributor of ABB, Legrand (Inform), GE, DELTA, Riello, KStar, Kehua, Elen UPS.